Monday, October 26, 2009

A new resident?!

A black cat shows up the week before halloween....what else would you expect on Apple Lane?!

ps: Drinking out of the potholes? Gross! Im on my way to buy some cheap cat food and a water bowl, we will likely be atracting the outdoor cat colony to our car port....such a sucker I am!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fighting, yet again!

Ramona and Talia were screaming at eachother last night while we were getting ready for bed. Screaming matches overheard from our duplex neighbors are not out of the norm by any means. In fact, on our first night there, Ramona and Jesus were fighting so loudly at 11pm that Janet screamed out her door (in a decible I have never heard come out of a woman!), "Shut the F*@K up or I will call the cops!!"

Generally though, the screaming matches are between couples. Talia and Arturo screaming at eachother about him being a "f*#king f*#*ot" or her needing to "watch your F*@king back or Ill get you" (fyi: I am well aware of the domestic violence undertones and am waiting, if anything escalades, I will be the first to call the cops or CPS!).  Or Ramona and Jesus screaming at eachother in an equal mix of Spanish and English, so I have no idea what they are saying (Seriously need to get a Rosetta Stone!)

Well, this argument was between Ramona and Talia. So everyone cross their fingers for us that maybe Ramona will finally kick the 3 of them out!!! (wishfull thinking, I know...)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Its a circus!!

So, I come home after being gone for 2 days petsiting...and there is a freakin' car wash/garage sale/circus in our front yard!! Brittany, Martie, and a bunch of other random drugged out looking parents are having a "fundraiser car wash." They have signs up everywhere on neon poster board, a makeshift coffee area in the front yard, and silver tassles over the entrance. It looks ridiculous! Oh, plus they decided to sell some of their crap while they were at it so there is a mini yard sale too. At least it isnt as much crap as they had in their past junk sale, but still.
I was so irritated that I decided to take Domino to the dog park before I blew up. But, I went to go outside and there were cars blocking my car in. Once I finally got them to move and made it to the end of the driveway, some random lady had a step ladder in the middle of it and she was messing with the oh-so-tacky banner thing....awesome! Needless to say, I spent a long time at the park.
We need to move!

(Sorry about the crappy pic, it is from my cell phone. It really dosent do justice to the situation because all the cars were gone and you cant see all the signs. But, it shows the crappy silver banner thing that we have to drive through to get in our driveway!)