Monday, October 19, 2009

Fighting, yet again!

Ramona and Talia were screaming at eachother last night while we were getting ready for bed. Screaming matches overheard from our duplex neighbors are not out of the norm by any means. In fact, on our first night there, Ramona and Jesus were fighting so loudly at 11pm that Janet screamed out her door (in a decible I have never heard come out of a woman!), "Shut the F*@K up or I will call the cops!!"

Generally though, the screaming matches are between couples. Talia and Arturo screaming at eachother about him being a "f*#king f*#*ot" or her needing to "watch your F*@king back or Ill get you" (fyi: I am well aware of the domestic violence undertones and am waiting, if anything escalades, I will be the first to call the cops or CPS!).  Or Ramona and Jesus screaming at eachother in an equal mix of Spanish and English, so I have no idea what they are saying (Seriously need to get a Rosetta Stone!)

Well, this argument was between Ramona and Talia. So everyone cross their fingers for us that maybe Ramona will finally kick the 3 of them out!!! (wishfull thinking, I know...)

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Mel's Way or No Way said...

Good luck with that! I just love it when people air their dirty laundry to the entire neighborhood.