Thursday, September 10, 2009

Birth control!

I was sitting on our couch today checking my e-mail and actually enjoying the calmness of Apple Lane. Enter Arturo and Talia. Talia comes out yelling at her son with every other word being the f word. They are supposedly going somewhere while Artie is screaming at the top of his lungs. Arturo starts yelling at Artie also telling him to go inside. He just wants to go wherever his parents are going. Keep in mind the reason Artie is screaming is because he wants his parents' attention, he is only two after all. Artie continues to scream and scream. Talia cannot take the pressure and yells, "He can't come because he's a fucking crybaby!" I do not know about you, but I grew up in a family of five and my parents never yelled curse words at us. Now I am not a parent yet, but when I am I hope when my kids are screaming for my attention that I will be able to give it to them.


two cat scene said...

that is so, so sad. Finally managed to connect to your blog, the link wouldn't work before.

I'm from 5 too, 3 girls and 2 boys, I'm the youngest

crystal said...

thanks, we will have to figure out why and fix that!

dewdana said...

Poor Artie! Sad. What is sadder is he will grow up and make babies with another Talia-type and they will do the same thing to their many babies! And they will likely have un-altered dogs that roam the neighborhood. Sad. Birth control should be free! For humans and their dogs. The planet is at capacity IMO!
Don't get me started!
p.s. This is very similar to the drama we have down here in the Keys and honestly, I did not think it would be that way in the Pac NW... bummer!

Sarah said...

yes, please send them a pack of condoms and maybe they will get the hint.