Friday, September 4, 2009

The dogs are multiplying!

We have introduced you to Lola, Sasha, Blackie, and of course our Domino. Suddenly though, there are 2 pit bulls living in our area! Before anyone gets any ideas, we have nothing against pitbulls, I (Crystal) actually love them enough to have written an entire post about them. But, these people are not the best owners to be entrusted with a pitbull. They already let all the other dogs run around and chase cars.
So, I was sitting in my office area yesterday typing away at a paper when I hear Deana screaming "Sasha" in a frantic tone. I look out the window to see 2 men with broom sticks surrounding the pitbulls and Deana grasping Sasha by her collar. Looks like there was a dog fight.
This sucks on many levels. First it means we cant leave Domino outside on his tie out. He is a huge baby without an aggressive bone as it is, but dogs on tie outs are no competetition for loose dogs. Secondly, as soon as they decide they don't want to deal with it anymore I'm sure I know the fate of these pups. They will go to another friend and likely end up fighting or being put to sleep.

I hate to see the way the pets in this community are being treated. We do a very good job with Domino. He is always on a leash, we pick up his poop weekly (along with everyone else's because they poop in our area!), we keep him away from the other dogs and we feed him good food. Nobody else does any of this! Their dogs run around everywhere pooping wherever they darn well please, and they poop a lot because they eat crappy food. I actually saw a bag in the trash the other day that didn't even have a name, just "dog food" come on people would you eat something called "human food?!". It is all very annoying and it is really not a good atmosphere to add untrained pitbulls to.

So, we are just waiting for a serious dog fight where someone gets hurt, Lola to come back from one of her journeys pregnant because they wont spay her (don't get me started on un-altered dogs!), or for people to just give up and pass the dogs on to someone else equally unqualified to be a pet owner!....We will keep you updated :(

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damn crappy dog owners!!