Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hep C anyone?

I came home last night around 7pm to find a makeshift tattoo shop set up outside of the back apartment. That's right, I said outside! A guy who we saw at the "yard sale" during the day was sitting on a rocking chair that was broken and had a "free" sign on it tattooing some other guys who we have never seen before.
Rachel got home a few hours later and the tattooing was still going on. A new straggler was being tattooed though and they had a desk lamp rigged up to the rocking chair so he could see. Hepatitis C by lamplight!

side note: Janet complained to Mr. S about the junk yard in our front yard so he came over and told Britney and Marty that they have to close up shop I guess. There was a sign along the road saying "free stuff" and they have finally cleaned a lot of it up. By "cleaned up" I mean they overfilled our dumpster and put the rest into a compacted pile in the front yard. I am sure the garbage men won't take the garbage since it is overflowing and the future of that "tidy" pile is yet to be determined.....

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