Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Who knew ice cream could be found in hell?!

Summer is nice for many reasons; we get to be home together during the day a lot of the time, its nice out, we get to go to the park almost every day with Domino. Its just a nice refreshing change. Unfortunately though summer also brings the worlds most annoying ice cream truck to our little community. Now I loved the ice cream truck when I was a kid, but it was a real, nostalgic ice cream truck. This one literally is an old van with stickers on it. Plus, it plays 1 song repetitively at top volume until you want to cannibalize your own ears!

As if the "truck" itself isn't annoying enough, of course our community makes it even more so. The thing drives up our driveway and stops directly outside of our window. Seriously, every time, right outside the open window in our living room! Why ours? We are the only people who don't buy ice cream! Once it stops (still playing the music, mind you) the kids from apartment #3 run out to get their ice cream....a few minutes later all the other random kids playing around the duplexes run over to get their ice would think that this would provide enough time for everyone to decide that they want ice cream and get themselves over to the "truck", but of course not! It never fails that every time, Tom from apartment #1 has to come out and stop the lady (just when she was finally leaving!) so that he can get his ice cream too. Plus, he never knows what he wants! Grr.....

Here is what I don't understand; all of these people are on government assistance and yet they can afford overpriced ice cream every stinkin' day! How the hell does that work? We drag ourselves over to Winco to experience that delightful store anytime we want ice cream. Why is it that we have to spend our hard earned money on cheap ice cream plus our hard earned tax dollars on their expensive (an probably much better) ice cream?! Plus, we have to listen to the ice cream truck from hell while they decide which item of overpriced goodness they want that day!

I have vented now and I feel better, who wants ice cream?!

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