Sunday, August 16, 2009

Welcome to Apple Lane!

We used to live in a wonderful apartment in a nice area. It was quiet, had a dog walking trail, and was surrounded by nice houses. But, good things can only last so long. The old grouchy couple across the street started complaining to Mr. S about us (as in those sin-filled lesbians) living across the street. What they had as a basis beyond our lesbianism, I have no idea because we are quiet and respectful despite our sinful lifestyle (insert witty sarcasm when reading the word "sinful" please!). But alas, it worked as really only 1 of us was technically supposed to be living there. To his credit, as Mr. S was kicking us out, he offered another of his properties in another area. Enter Apple Lane.....

Here is a visual; we are 3 single level duplexes hugging a long driveway. The driveway is littered with potholes so that a sports bra is required to drive through. There is technically a car port for each duplex but ours is the only 1 being used for it's intended purpose. The rest are makeshift storage areas for all the crap that doesn't fit into an apartment when you cram twice the amount of people it was built for into it. So that leaves the pothole filled driveway to double as a parking lot/dead car graveyard.

Ok, now for the "community"....
I am pretty sure that us 2 and Janet are the only ones with jobs. Everyone else gets a convenient little check from the mailman on a consistent basis, gotta love the effectiveness of our tax system! Deana makes money in a much more effective way though judging by the amount of traffic in and out of her place. Britney leaves the house usually at night to either go out and drink or to the more likely scenario (in my mind) of "working." The rest of the inhabitants of this lovely neighborhood just basically sit around waiting for something to happen. As far as the canine population goes there is; our Domino who is always taken care of and leashed, Sasha who runs around barking at anything and everything, Lola who is a vicious little land shark who roams the streets, and Blackie who doesn't even technically live here but thinks he owns the place, picking fights with all the other dogs and pooping in every yard.

Ok, that is a basic overview of our lovely community. Now sit back and enjoy the show as it unfolds from our living room window!

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Lynn said...

I am so digging the diagram!