Friday, December 18, 2009

#14 is gross...

#20: potholes

#19: mold
#18: Deeanna
#17: uncared for dogs
#16: fleas
#15: overflowing dumpster
#14: the disgusting "belly mom"

This lady comes to visit Talia all the time and she seriously disgusts me. She is the one who used to bring laundry over to do on the weekends (in multiple garbage bags!), she parks like this every time which is slightly intrusive and annoying, plus she has about a million kids and they are always crying on the step or running around 11pm on a school night! Oh and another thing, she is really really distrubing to look at! She always wears shirts that look like they would fit her 5 year old daughter and she has a full blown beer gut. I literally thought she was pregnant for the first few months that we lived here! She has that wonderful "high cost of low living" look that everyone else here know the look, it makes 30 year olds look 50!
Anyways, she is not fun to catch a glimpse of out of the living room window and she is awfully intrusive considering she doesn't even live here (not that half of the regulars do anyways) so that is why she is the #14 thing we will not miss about Apple Lane!!

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