Thursday, December 31, 2009

The rest of the countdown

#20: potholes
#19: mold
#18: Deeanna
#17: uncared for dogs
#16: fleas
#15: overflowing dumpster
#14: belly mom
#13: car port junk
#12: car lot
#11: commute
#10: Britney
#9: drug traffic
#8: soundtrack next door
#7: ice cream truck
#6: events in our yard
#5: roaches
#4: Hep C...?
#3: Mr. S
#2: shared laundry
#1: Andy

Ahh, the end of the countdown!! Sorry its been a while, were trying to not think about Apple Lane now that we are no longer there (mini celebration!!).

Here are the reasons for the Hep C fear, outdoor tattoos?! and blood :(. Can we say ghetto?!

Mr. S's ineffectivness is beyond ridiculous!! He failed to resign my previous lease (in an apartment that I loved) because the neighbors didn't like the "lesbianism", he did basically nothing about the roaches, he left our toilet and water unusable for over 4 days!, didn't even call back about the blood, and now is being unresponsive about getting the place closed up!! Can we way slumlord?!

Shared have read the blog, what more can I say? They are disrespectful lazy assholes!

And finally, the #1 reason we will not miss Apple lane....(drumroll please)...Andy!! He isn't even supposed to live here and he is the worst thing about it. He knocks on our door and interupts our nights to try and sell his stolen crap. He smokes practically into our front window. He is a toothless, disgusting, pathetic, little man. He beats his front of his kid (asshole!!!). He makes absolutely no attempt to get a job so he can get his wife and child out of his mother-in-law's living room, step up you lazy jerk! And because of this laziness factor, he is always here! We never get a break from him.

Oh Apple Lane, how we do not miss you!!


Lynn said...

Hooray!!! What on earth will happen to this sweet little blog now?!

Lynn said...
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Fickle Cattle said...

hahaha. yea, this makes the blog pretty purposeless doesn't it?