Sunday, December 6, 2009


e have finally been seriously searching for a different place to live, yay! We spent part of this weekend going around Seattle viewing rentals; an excursion that is never boring! Here are a few of the "interesting" points;

"We are interracial lesbian grandmas, you OK with that?!"
-this was actually in the craigslist post, we had to check it out! Only one of them was there when we viewed it, but she was awesome! :) She already was including us in her family and inviting us to holidays. They were dog lovers and had a playmate for Domino plus a big fenced backyard. She even brought a chair into the living room to spend time getting to know Domino. We liked her so much that we were actually considering a 500sqft efficency in a somewhat questionable area of town just so we could rent from them! It ended up being too small though, Domino looked like a giant in it!

The cutest apartment ever
-This one was a very large house split up into 4 apartments and it was absolutely awesome! It was an older house so the apartment had great charm. The landlords were a really cute gay couple (I swear we weren't trying for only gay people!) and it was in Capitol Hill which is an awesome area of the city! But, they just called to say the couple right before us got it, damn!

The houseboat on land

-This one was also in a great area of the city. It was a little quirky though. The floors were all quite a bit slanted and the bedroom was big enough for our bed...and thats it! The celings were so low that it was a good thing we are both under 5'4"! The toilet was up on a ledge for some reason, which put it dangerously close to the low celing. It had a balcony though with an amazing view of the sound and the mountains, that alone would have made it worth it. But, there was no yard, not even a patch of grass! Whats the point of renting a house if there isn't even a yard?

The confusing one
-Our current landlord; Mr. S is foreign and impossible to understand on the phone which has made the last few years very difficult in terms of trying to work anything out with him. So you can image how upset I was when I called on this place and couldn't understand a thing the guy said! We finally figured out the address though and went to look at it. Everything was great expcept that all the flooring is linolium! Who wants that in a bedroom? I guess we will be shopping for rugs if we get it! The landlord actually turned out to be really cute and his "friend" (he was very quick to use that term) was the most flamboyant Asian man I have ever seen, so that made it interesting. Cross your fingers that it works out for us!

The scene from a serial killer movie!
-We had another one to look at so we stopped by a bit was a run down trailer on a dark secluded corner, yikes! You know its young females coming to view it, why don't you get there early and turn on some lights?! Why we decided to stick around and look at it is beyond me. I had talked to the guy earlier on the phone and all he said in answer to any of my questions was "Yup." The only elaboration he gave was when he was complaining about the last people who didn't show up to view the place. Im sure they saw the outside and sped off! He jumped the fence and grabbed the hidden key, very safe. We didn't think it was possible, but the inside was far far scarier than the outside! I fully expected to see a dead body in the bathroom. At one point he even said, "no rats in the fridge, thats good!" I dont think a single thing in there had been updated or fixed since the early 70s. Needless to say, we got out of there very quickly!


Mel's Way or No Way said...

Is every apartment in Seattle so "unique"? It will be interesting to hear where you end up. Good luck with the search.

Lynn said...

Pick the one closest to US! Pick it! Pick it! (as long as it was not the freaky scary one...)

crystal said...

Mel - I think we just are the lucky ones! No, actually we search for houses/mother in laws/duplexes/etc because I HATE apartment complexes. So, that on top of needing a place that allows pets, generally results in "different" places!

Lynn-it will definitely be CLOSER to you, I don't know about neighbors though :)