Wednesday, December 16, 2009


#20: potholes

#19: mold
#18: Deeanna
#17: uncared for dogs
#16: Fleas!

This one goes with #17 because here in the state of Washington where weather is basically mellow and stays in the middle range, if you are not proactive your dogs will have fleas! Big surprise, all the dogs running around here do. I have had animals my entire life and have never had a flea problem but I can not get rid of them here! We flea bomb, treat the pets, wash the bedding, vacume regularly...but still they make their way back in. Poor Squishy gets flea dermititis and looses the hair on her butt during the summer when it is at its worst. I hate fleas! Its an impossible problem to get rid of when we are the only ones fighting the battle!

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