Saturday, December 26, 2009

Almost gone!!

#20: potholes

#19: mold
#18: Deeanna
#17: uncared for dogs
#16: fleas
#15: overflowing dumpster
#14: belly mom
#13: car port junk
#12: car lot
#11: commute
#10: Britney
#9: drug traffic
#8: the crap that we have to listen to from next door

#7: ice cream truck
#6: anticipating shit sales and car washes
#5: roaches

#8 refers to more than just the constant yelling and screaming, its the content of the fights. So often we have to witness obvious domestic violence and child abuse. Unfortunately it is not to the level (at least not what we hear) to be considered "reportable" but is still disturbing. I hate hearing this and I really hate not being able to do anything about it. I will not miss that terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach when I hear Artie crying while Arturo and Talia scream at eachother about pointless crap.

The ice cream truck from hell, what else can I say....

For #6, we will not miss the anticipation of driving up to Apple Lane and wondering what we will come home to. Will it be a junk sale, a ghetto car wash...who knows?! Its like a depressing gameshow.

Ahh, the roaches. Who has roaches in Washington?! They are impossible to get rid of when the duplex neighbor just allows them to keep on trucking. The exterminator that Mr. S hired was basically a high school kid with a vacum cleaner, I think he attracted more insects than he killed! I hate roaches!!

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