Tuesday, December 15, 2009

On to #17

Continuing the countdown..
#20: potholes
#19: mold
#18: Deeanna
#17: Random uncared for dogs!

They are everywhere! Everyone has a random "convience dog" here, you know...the kind that they get from a friend of a friend when they dont really want it. So, what happens? They run around the yard and poop in our part of the yard. They are not spayed or neutered or trained so they cause problems. They have fleas. It sucks! I love animals and hate to see them treated this way. The crazy thing though is that the oh-so-responsible people that are treating their animals like disposable items actually consider us the bad pet owners! Why, you ask? Because we keep Domino on a tie out when he is outside! Apparently it is abuse to not want him to get hit by a car and I guess it doesn't matter that we take him to the park every day! Grr....

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shane rocket said...

fuckers. reason #367 people should not breed.